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Thanksgiving 2012

St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in the East Village. Turkey dinner is free here for Sandy families. (I man the drumsticks and arroz con pollo stations). The air in the courtyard adjoined is sweet and fresh and the day sunny enough for dining al fresco. The diners are my neighbors. If the next surge should push in much harder, St. Mark’s will be serving turkey to me. The Church stands on the site of the old Stuyvesant family chapel. Petrus the Autocrat is buried in the east wall. (Bouwerie, or Bowery, Is Dutch for farm.) The place, now progressive Episcopalian, is a big supporter of the arts. Isadora Duncan danced here. A pianist on the grand piano in the community room bangs out show-tunes and God Bless America. It’s a perfect day in the Village.

In Memoriam

The New York Times names the dead.

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