Islamic Art

I checked out the Met’s new Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands. Five-point stars, six-point stars, eight-and twelve-point stars – every conceivable geometrical interlace — wrought in rosewood, ivory and tile. Splendid!

Regarding the Met, see diary entry June 3, 1873 by George Templeton Strong. Here in part.

Visited this aft[ernoon] the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” in the late Mrs. Douglas Cruger’s palazzo [on] West 14th St[reet]. The Cesnola collection of antiquities from Cyprus is interesting and large. Some of the glass vessels are exquisitely colored with iridescence from partial decomposition or disintegration of the surface….Some of these things are costly and curious… This collection promises very well indeed. Twenty years hence it will probably have grown into a really instructive museum.

(New York Diaries 1609-2009, p. 177.)