The Book

It’s sitting in front of me, propped upright, on the kitchen table. I keep looking at it. It’s really a book!!!  And it’s so  beautiful! The lower border made by abstract skyscrapers with script scribbled up their sides; all lain against an indigo field. Why do authors (or editors) who’ve spent years of research and writing, find it so incredible when a courier arrives bearing baby in cloth covers?

Reference:  Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s incredulity upon finding that her book, North to the Orient had found a publisher. As she wrote in her diary on May 8, 1935.

We go over the business of the book. I think publishers are like obstetricians. There is the same fuss of making you feel what a wonderful little woman you are, and then getting down to the facts about the head size, pelvic bones, etc. They have a decided bedside manner. After all, though, they are right, you must get over the feeling that you are accomplishing God’s mission…However, I feel embarrassed talking of clothing my book, just as though the doctors were talking about an unborn child. ‘You don’t really mean to say it’s going to walk around on two feet like other children?’

(New York Diaries:1609-2009 p. 152.)

Yes. And, eventually, it will require its own ATM card.

  • Bill Wenholz says:

    I hope it is a best seller.
    Can’t wait to read it.

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