ANDRÉ, MAJOR JOHN. [1778] A handsome and charismatic British officer who conspired to turn Benedict Arnold traitor. His tactical account of warfare is considered to be among the most accurate from the British perspective. Even George Washington liked André and was deeply saddened to condemn him to death by hanging. Published as André’s Journal, An authentic record of the movements and engagements of the British Army in America from June 1777 to November 1778 as recorded from day to day by Major John André, edited by Henry Cabot Lodge. Boston, H. O. Houghton & Co., at the Riverside Press, 1903. Entries here drawn from Major André’s Journal: Operations of The British Army under Lieutenant Generals Sir William Howe and Sir Henry Clinton, June 1777 to November, 1778. Tarrytown, NY, William Abbatt, 1930. Copyright 1904 by The Bibliographical Society, Boston.

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