JUET, ROBERT. [1609] Crew member, possibly first mate, on the Half Moon. His entry of September 11, 1609, records the first European expedition into New York’s Upper Bay. Juet’s diary was first published in 1625 in Hakluytes Postumous, or Purchas His Pilgrimes, by Samuel Purchas, who acquired it from Richard Hakluyt. The text of this edition, reprinted in 1906 as Juet’s Journal: The Voyage of the Half Moon from 4 April to 7 November 1609, published by the New Jersey Historical Society, 1959. Found also in Georg Michael Asher’s Hudson The Navigator, printed in London for the Hakluyt Society, 1860.

Diaries of New York: 1609 - 2009 by Teresa Carpenter

Diaries of New York