SLOAN, JOHN. [1906–1911] Cartoonist and illustrator. One of “The Eight,” a school of American painters, cartoonists, and illustrators from the so-called Ashcan School of Realism who broke with the academic school of art and ran with the Village Bohemian circle during the early Twentieth century. (The others included William Glackens, Robert Henri, George Luks, Everett Shin, Arthur P. Davies, Ernest Lawson, and Maurice Prendergast.) Published as John Sloan’s New York Scene: from the diaries, notes, and correspondence 1906–1913. New York, Harper & Row, copyright © 1965 by Helen Farr Sloan, renewed 1993 by Helen Farr Sloan. The Helen Farr Sloan Library & Archives contains the John Sloan manuscript collection at the Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Diaries of New York: 1609 - 2009 by Teresa Carpenter

Diaries of New York