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Thanks Given

I am happy to begin another book with the account of Grant’s victory over Bragg at Chattanooga, and the release of Tennessee….Phil [her brother] is at Knoxville with the Ninth Army Corps. He gives a sad picture of his accommodations (five in a tent), and when he is thus uncomfortable, what must be the condition of the private soldiers? . . . The news came on Thanksgiving Day. It is quite remarkable how often good news has arrived on festival days.

Maria Lydig Daly
November 24, 1863

Entry from Diary of a Union Lady, republished in New York Diaries: 1609 to 2009. p. 381.

Another Day. More Whatever

Outside on 23rd St. the din of the thoughtless celebrating “Election Night” filled the air and penetrated our walls. Henri and I walked out a few minutes to buy cigarettes for Mrs. H. . . . Bryan is defeated for the third time in his attempt to be President. . . . I voted for him for I feel that some stop must be put to the rottenness in the Re-publican administration. But, as usual, I’m on the losing side. “Bill” Taft, a jolly looking fat man designated by Roosevelt as his success-sor, gets the office—and the cancerous growth is to have four more years. I’m not a Democrat, I am of no party. I’m for change—for the operating knife when a party rots in power. I am certainly ashamed of the cowardice of the American voters.

John Sloan
November 3, 1908

New York Diaries: 1609 to 2009 p. 361